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What We Do

1) Bitesize help for families with children 
e.g. rent arrears, funeral costs, days out

2) Extra Learning
providing funding for children to access sports, Theatre & The Arts

3) Schools Advice

4) Big Projects
that support children such as the I Shine Arts Hub development

Theater Marquee Lights

We are currently fundraising for the I Shine Arts Hub development which will bring an affordable AND accesible Theatre School to the local community, plus so much more!

Every child should have the opportunity to SHINE!

If you would like to make a one-time donation, a monthly subscription and become a member or have something else to donate such as food or furniture - Huge thanks!

Every penny really does help us brighten the lives of young people!

The BYT is run purely by volunteers and representatives from our local community.

If you would like to volunteer for the Charity or be involved in some way would would love to hear from you!

An affordable AND accesible Theatre School opening September 2022!
  • We help young people feel brighter, think more positively and therefore have a better chance in life.

  • We give people in the community bitesize assistance. Our thinking is that a little bit of help to someone in difficulty can often make a BIG difference.

  • We help schools in challenging circumstances develop a positive approach. 

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