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What We Do

Making a Happier Life

Overcoming disadvantage

The Foundation has programmes to help those less fortunate in society to enjoy new experiences, and to provide support to help them to lead more fulfilling lives and to realise their potential. Our expertise is in education. We aim to help make life easier and happier for those who, for various reasons, find themselves disadvantaged in society.

Making Life Easier

Overcoming day-to-day adversity

The Foundation works with vulnerable children and families experiencing particular difficulties in their day to day lives.

We help those who may have more day to day challenges
or temporary periods of difficulty.


Yellow Learning Programmes

Getting children involved in more learning experiences

This could be tutoring, membership of the GO STARS football club, Saturday Arts Academy courses, Innovation Talent Agency... We also help run the learning festivals, Word Up and GO Fest.

Yellow Thinking Programmes

Motivating children to be engaged in learning

We find ways to motivate youngsters to do homework and be engaged in learning. The focus will be pupils struggling to keep motivated, and who are not fulfilling their potential, kids who are stressed and not enjoying school and pupils in the secondary school transition period. This is based on the “I Shine Learning Methods”.

Yellow Find and Supply Service

Helping Others

This service will be open at various times each year. We focus on making life happier by finding a family a TV, sofa or bed for the kids that is low cost or on a recycled site. We do the work for you!

Yellow Recycle Time

Sharing is caring

We will have a centre-point for recycled items that could help a child and their family be happier at home. We'll advertise our next recycling pop-up here!


The Members

Current staff of the Gold Star Federation

Staff who have left the school and continue to use the positive learning methods

Old pupils

Each member of the foundation will act as an ambassador of “Bright Yellow Thinking” and will:

Help others to learn positively using the learning method

Identify people who need help or support

Help fund our programmes

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