Introducing our 'Build A Better World' Project

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Our Build a Better World Project starts this Christmas and our first task is to get a start up Lego kit into the homes of 1500 children.  Lego is helping children to play actively and creatively again.  The community we want to help would appreciate this support.  Our goal is to follow up with “top up” Lego in the new year. The project has a built in a scheme to enable the children to swap Lego and also donate spare pieces to other needy kids.

The children we have targeted also have a passion – to build a better world! We are recognising and helping positive young people who need a helping hand.  Please support our exciting, bright and well thought out project.

We also have an exciting opportunity to become a Bright Yellow Thinker yourself.  Simply donate £50 to feature on the supporters page of our website.  

As a special thank you to those of who donate £100, not only will you become a Bright Yellow Thinker, but you'll also receive a limited edition BYT shoulder bag.  Contact us for more details. 

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